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Places to Visit in Pushkar

History of Pushkar

places to visit in pushkar

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One of the five dhams of Hindus is Puskar, other being Badrinath, Rameswaram, Dwarka and Puri. The historical books of Hindus say that during the fight Lord Brahma with a lotus killed demon Vajra Nabh. The petals of this flower fell on this holy place of Puskar wherein a lake sprang up. Even though Lord Brahma plays a very important role to make this place a special one he is not worshiped as Savitri the wife of Lord Brahma cursed that he would not be worshiped anywhere.

Pushkar, a dham of Hindus has a lot of places and attractions that are worth visiting. Being a dham of Hindus it is quite obvious that there would be beautiful temples. One of the temples that are very well known is the one that is dedicated to Brahma. Another very significant temple is Rangji Temple. These Temples if visited in the morning give a best view and at the same time you can hear the gingles of prayers form the temple.

Overview of Destination

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Other than temples Ghats is something people will always like to visit when they come to Pushkar. The reason behind this is that there are Ghats near the lake wherein prilgrims prefer bathing as they are of the opinion that the lake’s water is holy. In case you are also looking forward to have bath in this lake then there are some rules for bathing there like removing your shoes, do not smoke as well as photography is not allowed.

During the full moon day of Kartik Purnima in Pushkar there is a fair held wherein numerous devotees visit this fair. “The Puskar Fair” is normally help during October-November. The best part of this fair is Camel trading and many more activities. At this fair you will see many dances and colorful shops; along with this you will also get many tempting delicacies. Puppets shows at the fair hold on much of attention of the tourist at this fair. 

How To Reach Pushkar

If you are planning to make your trip to Dungarpur then you can reach there by almost all the modes:

If you want to reach there by airlines then the nearest airport to Dungarpur is the Udaipur airport which is almost 120 kilometers away from this town. Then you can hire a vehicle from the airport.

There is also a direct train to Dungarpur which runs on the track route from Udaipur to Ahemdabad.

In case you are planning to take a bus to Dungarpur then you can take a bus from Mumbai to Delhi that goes from National Highway 8. This bus passes from the district. In case you are planning to hire a private car then you can get then too. This can be a great option so that you can enjoy your privacy with your family or friends.

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