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Places to Visit in Dungarpur

History of Dungarpur

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Dungarpuris a very rustic township of Rajasthan which was ruled by a potent king named Bhil Chieftain Dungaria. This great king wished to marry the beautiful Sala Shah, daughter of Mahajan. And in the marriage where the great Rawal Veer Singh panned to assassinate Bhil Dungaria, possessed the city of Dungarpur in the mid 13th century.

Veer Singh decided to name the town in the name of Bhil Dungaria and thus this name derived. From then it just become the unsaid rule that the inheritor of Dungaria will apply Tilak on the forehead of the new ruler from his blood.


Overview of Destination

places to visit in dungarpur

There are many tourist destinations in Dungarpur where you can go and enjoy the ecstasy of this place:

Udai Bilas PalaceThe most visited place of this city is the Udai Bilas Palace. This is a royal mansion where the pure Gaib Sagar Lake is located at one of it edges and on the other end there is a very beautiful private jungle. This palace is named after the great Maharawal Udai Singh. This is the recorded in the best piece of architecture in the history the Rajputs.

Juna MahalAnother place which you can visit is the Juna Mahal which is also known as the Old Palace. This grand mansion is placed from the 13th century and is a huge palace of about 7 floors. The colourful and vivid interiors just lure the visitors towards it. It is not just the interiors but also the exteriors of this palace replicas the royalty and the lavishness of the dynasties that have ruled it.

Dungarpur is also famous for the different temples:-

Beneshwar Temple,They have a stunning temple which is a must visit tourist destination of Dungarpur is the Beneshwar Temple. This is an ancient and renowned temple which was constructed in about 18th century.

Boreshwar Mahadeo Temple, Another temple which is very famous among the tourist is the Boreshwar Mahadeo Temple. This temple is the as old as 11th century and is about 80 kilometers away from Dungarpur. The Boreshwar Mahadeo Temple is located in a small village names Solaj. It is must visit place.

Bhubneshwar Temple, You can also have a trip to the Bhuvaneshwar Temple which is basically a Shiva Temple. This temple is very near to Dungarpur. It is about 10 kms from this town. There is a very big fair on the fifth day after the biggest festival of India that is Holi. This fair is a very colourful and bright day for the localities as they perform their famous gair dance in this fair.

There is also another beautiful temple which is situated at about 22 kilometers that is Deo Somnath Temple. This temple is located in the besides River Som.
You can also enjoy different festivals and fairs that take place in Dungarpur:
The Baneshwar fair and the Vagad festival that takes place here are must watch. Also the Holi function in this city is also very nice.


How To Reach Dungarpur

If you are planning to make your trip to Dungarpur then you can reach there by almost all the modes:

If you want to reach there by airlines then the nearest airport to Dungarpur is the Udaipur airport which is almost 120 kilometers away from this town. Then you can hire a vehicle from the airport.

There is also a direct train to Dungarpur which runs on the track route from Udaipur to Ahemdabad.

In case you are planning to take a bus to Dungarpur then you can take a bus from Mumbai to Delhi that goes from National Highway 8. This bus passes from the district. In case you are planning to hire a private car then you can get then too. This can be a great option so that you can enjoy your privacy with your family or friends.

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