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Places to Visit in Khajuraho

History of Khajuraho

Places to Visit in Khajuraho

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A city of central India wherein it holds Indian culture and religion is Khajuraho. The city is well known for its temples that are carved in stones. Thousand years ago this place was actually a very big city of Chandelas at the time when medieval Rajput ruled the central India. However today it has been converted into a very small village. This is the place where you can get the feel of Hindu art and culture which are actually engraved on the stones by the craftsmen years ago.

Overview of Destination

Khajuraho Travel Destination

Khajuraho is the city of temples and one of the worth visiting temple is Kandariya Mahadeva Temple. The best part of this temple is that it comprises of six hundred and forty six figures on the exterior of the temple and around two hundred and twenty six figures in the interior. There is a beautiful arrangement of images of seven Matrikas and also an image of Ganesha as well as Shiva Virabhadra. When one visits the temple will first see Ganesha and then the seven Matrika and only after the completion of one round you will be able to see first Matrika. These all images add beautify the temple.

One of the most ancient and initial temple of Khajurao is Lakshmana Temple. This is the temple that is actually dedicated to Vaishnava. You will find all basic elements of temples which consist of enterance porch, vestibule, sanctum, mandapa, maha-mandapa and many more. It is the only temple that as protected subsidiary shrines and the jagati wherein you can see moving display of hunting as well as battle scenes. More than that, you can also see processions of horses, elephants as well as soldiers which also include domestic scenes. The most attraction grabbing and highlighting aspect of the interiors of the temple is apsaras brackets.

A temple beautifully made of coarse granite is Chausath-yogini Temple. The design as well as plan of this temple are outstanding and comprises of sixty seven peripheral shrines among which only thirty five of them have been endured. There are tiny cells in the form of shrines which has small doorways. The shrine facing the entrance is the main attraction of this temple.

Parvati Temple is the one that is located at south-west of Vishvanatha. The temple comprises of small shrine initially including porch as well as sanctum. However the porch is now lost and only plinth has been able to retain. At the doorway is the figure of the Vishnu on the center of the lintel whereas the images in the spectrum are of Gauri along with godhathat si her vehicle. Facing the main road is one more temple that is around hundred year old a construction of Maharaja of Chhatarpur.

How To Reach Khajuraho

Khajuraho is one of the worth visiting place to know the culture of India and reaching out to this place is very easy.

Khajuraho air service has a direct link with Agra, Delhi, Varanasi as well as Katmandu.

Apart from this you can also take the advantage of railways and the nearest railways to this place are Mahoba as well as Harpalpur. Jhansi would be the preferable railhead for those that are travelling for Mumbai and Satna would be favorable for those travelling from Delhi, Chennai and Varanasi.

There are also bus facilities available of which you can take advantage of for reaching to this place.

In case if you prefer to arrive at this place by airways or railways a very good idea would be to hire the cab as this will be quite comfortable for you to reach out to this place. Cabs can also a great idea to roam around this place spending time at the attractions of this place.

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