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Places to Visit in Gwalior

History of Gwalior

Places to Visit in Gwalior

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Gwalior is a very small but a well visited place in India. This is a renowned tourist destination and every year lot of people comes here. This city has a deep history because of which it got the name. Suraj Sen, a great king, who was a prince of a clan named Kachwaha was suffering from leprosy.

One day he lost his way while wandering in the forest. He found a sage and asked for water. When the sage led him to a lake, where he drank the water, he was astonished to find that water of the lake just not satisfied his thirst but at the same time it cured him completely. Suraj Sen was so obliged that he asked to do something in favour. The sage asked him to revamp the entire pond and make it stronger. From that time onwards that hill was named as Gwalior. This is how the name derived.

Overview of Destination

Places to Visit in Gwalior

There are many tourist destination in Gwalior which are highly visited by the people from round the world:

The most important and highest visited place in Gwalior is the Sas Bahu Temple. As the name says, this temple is wholly and solely dedicated to the relation of the Sas that is mother in law and Bahu that is daughter in law. People generally name two similar temples of different sizes that are located adjacent to each other as Sas Bahu Temples.

Man Mandir is another must visited destination by the tourist of India.
But of all, the most splendid place in Gwalior is the Gwalior Fort. This is a very massive and astonishing fort. Your trip to Gwalior will be incomplete if at all you did not visit this place.

How To Reach Gwalior

There are many ways through which you can reach Gwalior:

There are many planes which connect to Gwalior from Mumbai, Indore, Delhi, and Bhopal. Also this city is a central station in Delhi.

You will get a train that goes to and fro from Delhi to Gwalior and vice verse. You also have a train from Delhi to Chennai which passes from this place and the same goes with Agra. Also there are many other important trains that pass through this city.

Also, to your convenience, there are also many buses that pass from Gwalior through cities like Agra, Jaipur, Mathura, Lucknow and many more. But if at all you like to enjoy your trip with your group and do not want to reach there by public transport, then you can hire private cars which will connect you to this city.

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