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Places to Visit in Dharamshala

History of Dharamshala

Places to Visit in Dharamshala

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This place is mainly ruled by the Tibetan Community and is the hometown of Tibetan leader Dalai Lama. This beautiful place is surrounded on all sides by the Pine trees which make it look even more beautiful and splendid. The snow covered plains and mountains and the cool breeze throughout the year surely makes it a place which is worth a visit. Dharamshala also has a busy bazaar where you can find colorful things that are usually found in normal small town. People over here have a simple lifestyle.

This place is located at the distance of 142 km from Dalhousie which is located near Amritsar. If you are going via Manali, you can visit Palanpur and from there you can reach Dharamshala as it is just 35 km away from Palampur. After reaching Manali, you can take a private car to Dharamshala and take a look at the beautiful landscapes and the aesthetic picturesque of this place. At Dharamshala, you can witness the majestic Tibetan culture which makes it more attractive.

Overview of Destination

dharamshala travel destination

Dharamshala is a beautiful hill station which is located in Himachal Pradesh. This place was established in the year 1852. It is well known as a tourist destination and also for its majestic landscapes and beautiful locations. It is a cool place and hence best time to visit here is between May to October. Dharamshala is also called as the queen of hills. Important tourist attractions in this place are KangraArt Museum, St. John’s church and McLeodganj. Dharamshala is a splendid hill station which is located against the famous DhauladharMountain. The town Of Dharamshal is mainly divided into lower as well as upper Dharamshala. The overall difference between the lower and upper town is of about 1000 meters which is a truly a big one.

How To Reach Dharamshala

You can reach there by buses or private cars. But most of them prefer to go by private cars as this is the best option to enjoy the beautiful landscapes which can be thoroughly enjoyed by you. You can reach Delhi or Shimla by flight or train and from there you can take private cars or the buses. Taking a car is more suitable option as this is more comfortable as compared to any of the buses.

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